Wednesday 24 June 2009

Early start for the National Championships

Team will have the pleasure of being the first team on the road at the Team Time Trial National championships on the 5th July. This means a wonderfully early start time of 06:03.

Distance is 50km and the team is Graeme King, Steve Robinson and Paul King. Other riders in the field include the current 10,25 and 50 National champion Michael hutchinson as well as ex pro Sean Yates. Don't think the win is on the cards for the salesengine boys!

Sunday 21 June 2009

Whitewebbs 25 - F1/25

Dave Wentworth was back in action again this weekend, after giving the racing a rest last weekend, in the Whitewebbs 25 on the A1 course at Tempsford. Dave never felt good and certainly wasn't "floating along", so was quite pleased to record his fifth fastest 25 ever with a 59:42. The surface on the Tempsford-Buckden course seems to get worse almost every week these days - so many bumps and potholes now that you can't take your eyes of the road ahead for a single moment!!

Sunday 7 June 2009

ECCA 10 - E10/2

Dave Wentworth rode the ECCA 10mile Championship on the E2/10 on Saturday afternoon. Although Dave got out to the 5 mile turn in 10:30, he just couldn't hold the speed over the last couple of miles. The last mile was particularly tough and just sapped all the speed from the ride. Well cuffed with a 23:15 for his best ride of the year so far, though.

Monday 1 June 2009

Team Spirit in Milton Keynes

Sunday morning witnessed three of the four team members of Team battling it out to be top dog at the Team Spirit 10 in Milton Keynes.

The F5 looks like it should be a quick course, decent road surface, reasonably sheltered in parts and nice dual carriageway. Problem is that it is very draggy and despite good temperatures there was a strong headwind on the way back from the turn, this all conspired to slow times down.

Winner of the fastest man in the team award goes to Dave Wentworth who battled through the wind in 24:41 for a 21 second beating of Steve Robinson who finished with 25:02. Paul King had a bit of an off day and was a bit further back on 25:44, but he'll be back with avengance I'm sure in the next few weeks.

Didn't get time to hang on to see who won it, but we missed out on the team prize to Team Milton keynes who had a couple of guys in the top 5. Close but no cigar this time for the team prize, but our day will come!