Sunday 1 July 2018

Race Round Rockingham Results - 30 June 2018

Preliminary results can be found on the chip timing web site:

1 Lap

3 Lap 

Prizes will be sent in the next few days. Congratulations to all riders and our category winners.

Thank you to all competitors, volunteers and support staff who helpd make our little idea of closed road time trial racing come to life.

Steve & Simon, on behalf of Team Sales Engine

Friday 29 June 2018

Race 'Round Rockingham update - Important news for all riders

Please see the following note and attachment regarding tomorrow's event.

"I've just had a call from the team at Rockingham to say that the Abarth event won't now be clear of the circuit until after 18:00, so we won't be able to gain access to the inner paddock to set up until 18:15 at the earliest.
"As a result we've decided to push the start time for the first rider back from 18:46 to 19:31, and move to 30 second intervals between riders to avoid the event running too late into the evening. So please check the attached startsheet carefully for your new start time!
"There will still be time to ride the circuit beforehand. This will now be between 19:00 and 19:20. If you arrive at the circuit before 18:15 there will be a holding parking area on the right hand side after the road that takes you to the inner paddock.
"No cars will be allowed into the inner paddock area until we get clearance from Rockingham. Our marshals will be there to help if you have any questions. 
"Apologies for the inconvenience, and look forward to seeing you tomorrow."
For anyone concerned with 30s intervals for riders, please note that many circuit based TTs use 30s was their benchmark, e.g. Tour of Cambridge, Ride Blenheim, CTT National Circuit Championships. The circuit can easily accommodate this change.

Number Start time First name Last name Gender Club/Team Bike type
19:31:00 Mark & James Fraser City Cycle Centre Tandem
19:31:30 Ben Robinson M Team Road bike
19:32:00 Ethan Dynes M Hitchin Nomads Road bike
19:32:30 Jack Mace M Icknield Road Cycling Road Bike
19:33:00 Thomas Barnett M Team Bottrill Vanguard Road bike
19:33:30 Skye Martingale F Sotonia CC Road bike
19:34:00 Mason Bradley M Icknield Road Club Road bike
19:34:30 Eloise Cain F Icknield Road Club Road bike

3 Lap race
Number Start time First name Last name Gender Club/Team Bike type Category
10 19:35:30 Dave Wilson M St Neots cc Road Bike
11 19:36:00 Samuel Quiggin M Road Bike <15
12 19:36:30 Aidan Halfpenny M Icknield Road Club Road Bike <15
13 19:37:00 Matthew Barclay M Icknield Road Club Road bike <15
14 19:37:30 Archie Bracewell M Cycle Club Ashwell Road Bike <15
15 19:38:00 Frankie McMahon M Icknield Road Club Road Bike <15
16 19:38:30 Ella Ruggles F Hitchin nomads TT Bike <15
17 19:39:00 Michael Carter M Welland Valley Cycling Club TT Bike <15
18 19:39:30 Will Perkins M Welland Valley CC Road Bike <15
19 19:40:00 Cameron Morris M Icknield Road Club Road Bike <15
20 19:40:30 Aimee Lane F Wyre forest TT Bike <15
21 19:41:00 Jonathan Toma M Fenland Clarion Cycling Club TT Bike >15
22 19:41:30 James Lowe M Welland valley TT Bike >15
23 19:42:00 Lucas Timms M Coventry Road Club Road Bike >15
24 19:42:30 Jordan Black M Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon TT Bike S
25 19:43:00 kristian woolf M VC Equipe TT Bike S
26 19:43:30 Ryan Witchell M TT Bike S
27 19:44:00 Martin Moore M Walsall rcc TT Bike S
28 19:44:30 Martin Pilcz M Road Bike S
29 19:45:00 Denise Burrows F The Cycle Studio Core Telecom TT Bike C
30 19:45:30 Steph Russell F Team Bottrill/Vanguard TT Bike C
31 19:46:00 Victoria Watson F Road Bike F
32 19:46:30 Gemma Stuart F Velovitesse Road Bike C
33 19:47:00 Mark Bottrill M TeamBottrill TT Bike M
34 19:47:30 Timothy Perry M IRC TT Bike M
35 19:48:00 Joanne Lee F velo elite Road Bike C
36 19:48:30 Chris Green M TT Bike M
37 19:49:00 Oliver Wright M Banbury Star CC TT Bike M
38 19:49:30 David Lindsay M St Neots cc TT Bike M
39 19:50:00 Ian Richards M Stourbridge Cycling Club TT Bike M
40 19:50:30 Caroline Hewitt F VeloElite Road Bike C
3 Lap race
Number Start time First name Last name Gender Club/Team Bike type Category
41 19:51:00 Matthew Saunders M Team Vision Racing TT Bike A
42 19:51:30 Nicolas Pillinger M Team Secret Squirrel TT Bike A
43 19:52:00 Sam Hayes M Team TT Bike A
44 19:52:30 Derrick Thirlwell M Kingston Wheelers TT Bike A
45 19:53:00 Fabos Young M Velo Elite rc TT Bike A
46 19:53:30 Vlad Nebolsin M HWCC TT Bike A
47 19:54:00 Jamie Quiggin M Road bike A
48 19:54:30 Simon Murphy M St Neots CC Road Bike B
49 19:55:00 Daniel Barnett M Team Bottrill Vanguard TT Bike A
50 19:55:30 Stuart Emmett M TT Bike B
51 19:56:00 Leanne Cutler F Hitchin Nomads TT Bike E
52 19:56:30 Neil Fitzgibbon M Road Bike B
53 19:57:00 Damian Webber M Road Bike B
54 19:57:30 Chris Rimes M Team TT Bike B
55 19:58:00 Niall McCallion M Road Bike B
56 19:58:30 Hitesh Mehta M Road Bike B
57 19:59:00 Steve Robinson M Team TT Bike B
58 19:59:30 Adrian Read M WellandValleyCC Road Bike B
59 20:00:00 Steve Smith M Hitchin Nomads CC Road Bike B
60 20:00:30 Stephen Holmes M V.C Norwich TT Bike B
61 20:01:00 Stuart Abram M Wellingborough Cycles Road Bike B
62 20:01:30 Elaine Maitland F Bonito Squadra Corse TT Bike E
63 20:02:00 Anthony McMahon M Icknield Road Club Road Bike B
64 20:02:30 Gary Hewitt M VeloElite Road Bike B
65 20:03:00 Simon Richardson M St Neots CC TT Bike B
66 20:03:30 Jodie Redden F 45 RC Road Bike E
67 20:04:00 Mark & Anna Fraser City Cycle Centre Tandem
68 20:04:30 Ian Scott M Boston Wheelers CC TT Bike C
69 20:05:00 Stuart Martingale M Sotonia CC TT Bike C
70 20:05:30 Nick Hickman M Hitchin Nomads CC TT Bike C
71 20:06:00 Stephen Cockerham M Trent Valley Road Club TT Bike C
72 20:06:30 Brian Ruggles M Hitchin nomads Road Bike C
73 20:07:00 Bronwen Ewing F Rye & District Wheelers TT Bike F
74 20:07:30 Stuart Short M QN coaching TT Bike C
75 20:08:00 Lisa Brady F Velo Elite Road Bike C
76 20:08:30 Iain Macfarlane M Bonito Squadra Corse Road Bike C
77 20:09:00 Paul Riley M Hitchin Nomads TT Bike C
78 20:09:30 David Ledgerton M Team Salesengine TT Bike C
79 20:10:00 Trevor Ricketts M Velovitesse Road Bike C
80 20:10:30 Sarah Short F QN coaching TT Bike G

3 Lap race
Number Start time First name Last name Gender Club/Team Bike type Category
81 20:11:00 Martin Reynolds M CAMBRIDGE CC TT Bike D
82 20:11:30 Nigel Wilson M HNCC TT Bike D
83 20:12:00 Craig Hopkins M Wyre Forest cycle racing club TT Bike D
84 20:12:30 Andy Wickham M TT Bike D
85 20:13:00 Martin Magnago M St Ives CC Road Bike D
86 20:13:30 Mike Moralee M Hitchin Nomads C C Road Bike D
87 20:14:00 David Cook M Bedfordshire Road Race Team TT Bike E
88 20:14:30 Dave Wentworth M Team TT Bike E
89 20:15:00 John Poole M Team Echelon Road bike E
90 20:15:30 David Heath M Beds Road Road Bike E
91 20:16:00 Patrick Ellerbeck M St Neots cc TT Bike E
92 20:16:30 Peter Nix M Rockingham Forest Wheelers Road bike F
93 20:17:00 Robert Barrett M High Wycombe CC TT Bike F
94 20:17:30 Gillian Reynolds F Willesden cc TT Bike H
95 20:18:00 Robert Woodford M Welland valley c c TT Bike F
96 20:18:30 Roy Robinson M Team TT Bike G
97 20:19:00 Richard Glover M CC Ashwell TT Bike H
98 20:19:30 Edmund Spurgeon M Colchester Rovers CC Road bike H
99 20:20:00 Dave Wilson M St Neots CC TT Bike M
100 20:20:30 Graham Read M Veloelite RC TT Bike D

Thursday 14 June 2018

Race 'Round Rockingham - Strava

We have set up a Strava club for our Race 'Round Rockingham event.

Details here:

We also have the first lap as a Strava segment. 

Race 'Round Rockingham Strava Lap 1 and profile

Team/Event member summaries:

Latest rides by all members:

Monday 11 June 2018

Race 'Round Rockingham is fast approaching - Enter now to avoid disappointment

In our last post we proudly announced our Race 'Round Rockingham event which takes place on 30 June 2018. Entries are still being accepted and you can still get a ride, but don't delay as we are proving rather popular.

Enter at the RiderHQ site. For a brilliant taster of the super smooth track and what it may be like to race on the iconic Rockingham Raceway, have a look at Steve Robinson's recce of the course from last week.

Wednesday 16 May 2018

TSE to promote Race 'Round Rockingham - Closed Circuit Time Trial - 30 June 2018

Team are proud to announce the inaugural Race 'Round Rockingham closed circuit time trial.  

120 Riders will be presented with the chance to test themselves against the clock (and against their mates!), in the traffic free environment of the Rockingham Motor Speedway circuit, near Kettering. 

Race 'Round Rockingham Flyer - Team Sales Engine

The centrally located event takes place on 30 June 2018, the first riders will commence their rides in the late afternoon with racing continuing in to the early evening. Easy access from the road network and lots of free parking.

A 3 lap, 15km time trial will utilise both the twisty infield of the circuit followed by a blast around the sweeping high speed raceway bowl. 

There are special categories for juniors and those wanting to ride a road bike. 

You do not need a pointy hat and a full blown Time Trial bike or kit  to come and enjoy the chance to compete in this unique race setting.

There will be chip timing for live results as soon as you finish, and on-site catering provided by RealBelgianFries to give riders and their supporters a chance to refuel on classic Belgian fries, waffles and other tasty treats.

The event is being run under the rules and regulations of TLI Cycling -

We look forward to seeing you there! Entries accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Contact Information and sponsorship opportunities
Steve Robinson - mailto:

Event Registration and secure online payment

Pricing - highly competitive at £25 adults, £7.50 juniors (under 18).