Sunday 4 September 2016

NDCA Round 8 or 9? Emergency Services 10 and Derny takes a break

Wet, wet, wet!
The deluge predicted for the latest race in the N&DCA series duly arrived for the 4 TSE riders in this week's time trial (3 Sept 2016). The 10 mile loop around Naseby was as technical as it was wet and windy. A twisty, rolling, grimy, misty, wet and humid mishmash of conditions proved to be challenging yet rewarding in equal measure. Sam Hayes pulled a superb 23.49 for the distance, taking a top 5 slot on the day and also firming up his place at the top end of the series' points. Simon Doyle, back from holiday, swapped the heat of the Alps for the dank conditions of the UK to turn in a long 24 (24.51). Steve Robinson pressed home a 25.18, which is tremendous given some recent performance hurdles and niggling injuries. Hot (well, tepid and wet doesn't sound great) on the heels was James Gomm, who turned in a 25.43. James' time and associated points tally sees him shake off a lower scoring ride in the series and should see him rise up the rankings in to the top 20.

Blue light special
Gavin Ashfield, fresh on the comeback trail from a long hiatus, smashed out a long 22 in the F15/10 based Emergency Services National 10 mile competition. Gavin clocked 22.55 for the race, which is great given he's hardly raced or trained for the majority of the year. We defy anyone to simply hop back on the TT bike and drop a 22 on that course in what were pretty unfavourable conditions. Well done Gav!
Gavin Ashfield pictured in TSE colours at last! Great ride Gav.

Ernie says Adios
Nigel Hale, our very own human powered Derny man, signs off with another 20 minute 10 miler last week. Nigel's season has included PBs for 10 miles (and team record), 25 miles, course PBs and multiple wins on the CC Ashwell Wednesday night league, ditto Hitchin Nomads and course 2up records. Well done Nigel, another strong winter will see the times dwindle even further.