Monday 23 May 2016

Roffe to the races we go - N&DCA Round 4 round up

N&DCA Round 4

Wet. Windy. Wet and windy. Lumpy roads. Wind. Wetness. Hills. Wetness. Bendy roads. Wetness. Rain. Wind. Bendy roads again. Bizarre turn at the outer reaches of the course.

Perform above in reverse direction.


Dry out. Wonder when you will find time to clean the bike thoroughly. Go to bed with Lemsip.

And so ended the N&DCA Round 4 which was hosted by A5 Rangers. The Litchborough based 19 miler was one of the toughest rides of the year to date. The elements didn't help the riders much at all but it was with great aplomb that Sam Hayes continued his rich run of form. Provisional marking gave Sam the nod somewhere near the very top of the series counting riders. Possibly 3rd place at time of writing. Sam posted a time of 45.08.

Sam's ride however was hugely over-shadowed (to the point where the author totally forgot in the first draft) by the return to racing of the veritable Andy Roffe. Like a cycling-Lazarus for the modern era, Roffe eschewed his recent diagnosis of DVT to pick the worst day possible, ever, to return to racing. Mentored by "special adviser", Chris Rimes, Roffe must have been spitting Victoria Sponge as he reintroduced his mind and body to the time trialling discipline. A time of 49.28 was a fantastic achievement (but not one that I remembered obviously), given that Andy has not spent much time getting race ready.

Well done Andy, great to have you back!
(Ed - Can you win next time, that way I'll remember to put you in the write up that Steve will conveniently ignore doing. Thanks).

The supporting cast was legion with Simon Doyle (47.24) being second in the TSE pecking order. Steve Robinson (48.33) held the continually improving James Gomm at bay (49.22). Steve Franklin produced some new found power output to make his mark with 50.13. David Ledgerton closed off the contribution with a 53.39.

Roy Robinson was a DNS with some flimsy excuse about being 70. Happy Birthday Roy! The team are all looking forward to taking to the line with you in your 8th decade.

Early indications point to the team competition tilting a bit more in TSE's favour. Onward and upward for Round 5. Let's hope the sun reappears by then.

VTTA Nationals
In drier but gusty conditions, Dave Wentworth competed on the A14/10a course to put TSE colours on the national map. Dave pushed a time of 25.08. Results still pending. Chapeau Dave!

Wednesday 11 May 2016

Busy busy busy - TSE tap out some great times all over the UK

Another couple of weeks passes by and the TSE crew have been busy bunnies. Here are some highlights, posted before the memory fades.

Cambridge CC F2D/10 (30 April 2016)
The Hocknell duo were both in action on the 10 mile Cambourne based course. Stuart, making a very welcome return to racing and getting back in to the swing of competition, recorded 34.28.

James Gomm, sporting a new Ian Cammish sourced handlebar rig, smashed out the power to continue his improvement in form, to record 23.46 (one of his fastest 10s for a couple of years). It was Hockers junior however who came back top of the team pecking order, a 22.14 was a great return for the day given the strong headwind from the turn.

James Gomm on the new rig - pic D Jones (who else?)
Simon Doyle punctured at the 6 mile mark. Fortunately he was rescued by John Iszzat of Team Vision Racing who was driving past. Thanks John!

Welsh CA Championships 25 mile (1 May 2016)
It was Hugo who again took the headlines with a barn-storming 55 minute ride on the R25/3H course. Hockers posted 55.32 to lay down the gauntlet to the team for the rest of the season. This may well be one of the fastest TSE 25 times recorded. Even more impressive given Hockers has been a tad off form going in to the event. In the second event of the day on the same course, Steve Franklin popped his "hour cherry" with his first sub-hour 25. A time of 58.13 means Steve is now mixing it up with the sub-hour crew and this time will be a good benchmark to beat later in the season. Chapeau.

Bossard Wheelers 10 mile F11/10 (7 May 2016)
Chris Hartley and Dave Wentworth took part in the Bossard Wheelers promoted 10 miler on the uber-fast F11 course near Tring. Dave squeezed the effort tube dry with a 22.36. Chris proved to be as consistent as ever with a 23.23 (course personal best).

Later that day....N&DCA Rd 3 Lamport (7 May 2016)
The rolling 10 mile 'out and back' course which runs west of Old, Northants proved to be fruitful for the 7 riders who pitched in for the latest round of the 10 race series. Sam Hayes was top of the shop for the team with a stunning 4th place ride. Simon Doyle managed to finish with a flat back tyre but came over the line in 23.59. Steve Robinson (24.50) and James Gomm (25.21) placed in the top 30. Steve Franklin recorded another solid ride with 26.10. David Ledgerton returned to full-on racing action to post a really creditable 26.52 for his inaugural ride in the series.

Former TSE rider, and friend of the team, Martin Jones (Team Bottrill) was 2nd with a brilliant 22.29. Martin's performances are worthy of high praise. Well done mate!

N&DCA Round 4 sees the team take to the 19 miler Litchborough course in a couple of weeks' time. Watch this space.