Sunday 23 August 2009

Team Sanjan Design - F2A/10

Saturday afternoon saw Dave Wentworth in action over the 10 mile distance again. This was a rare chance to ride the F2/10 course in reasonable conditions - it's usual howling winds from the South seemed to have deserted it for once with just a moderate South Westerly blowing. Despite looking at the clock wrong and turning up at the start area a good half hour too early - and then the start being delayed for 10 minutes - Dave still felt in good form for the start. Dave managed to reach the 4.5 mile turn in 11:30 but still had faster tailwind(ish) leg to come. A final time of 23:11 was a 50 second beating his course best time saw Dave being well chuffed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 16 August 2009

Beds Roads CC 25 - F1B/25

Sunday morning dawned with near perfect time trialing conditions - alas, the rising westerly wouldn't be much use to Dave Wentworth as he tackled the Beds Roads 25 miler. Not that the strength of the wind mattered a great deal in the end though. First off the zip gets stuck on Dave's skinsuit and he had to improvise with safety pins - and looks a right rag-a-muffin!! Then, just before climbing Topler's Hill going southbound Dave's gear cable fails - leaving him with just a 126 inch gear. Now, Dave's sparrow like legs, a 126 inch gear and two climbs of Topler's is an unfair contest in favour of the gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, unlike years gone by, Dave kept his cool, didn't completely "loose it" and didn't throw the bike over a hedge - but it was marginal!!! Oh, the time, a 1:02:something. Hey-ho, always next weekend.

Team Vs Bradley Wiggins

The start of September will witness a big showdown between Bradley Wiggins (4th in the Tour De France) and Paul King and Steve Robinson from Team

OK, so in truth Bradley is unlikely to be aware of our presence at the British Time Trial Championships, but it's nice to be in the same event as him all the same.

Due to Wiggo being under 30 (and the fastest rider in the UK at present) he will be racing the mens event which is 31 miles, while Steve and Paul feature in the Masters event which is only 21 miles.

Big question is whether Bradley will do his 31 in less time than our boys can do 21! Not quite I suspect, but it could be close.

Sunday 9 August 2009

ECCA 10 - E2/10

A near perfect day on the E2/10 for Dave Wentworth on Saturday afternoon - very little wind and warm. Last time on the E2/10 Dave was a single second away from his current PB at 10 miles - this time, a 22:50 bettered it by a single second. OK, it's only a single second, but it's a new current PB - another second closer to that all life time best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!