Saturday 11 July 2009

Taem Ecomonic 10 - E2/10

Dave Wentworth was in action at the 10mile distance on Saturday in the Team Economic 10miler on the E2/10 course. Another tough hard wind start saw Dave recording a slow 12:45 to the turn. First objective of the ride had already been missed by this point - he was caught by minute man (just) before half -way. Stopped to a stand-still on the roundabout turn. A very fast return leg - again - saw Dave recording a 10:02 for a finish time of 22:52. Aargh, just a single second short of his current PB for the 10mile event - maybe that hold-up at the turn really did cost Dave a PB?! Most riders were indicating a hard day with times well short of their PBs - so to be just a second short of a PB and his fifth fastest ever leaves Dave well chuffed.

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