Sunday 11 August 2013

Chris & Dave battle the elements at the ECCA 10

The E2/10 at Newmarket has a reputation for being one of the fastest courses in the country on its day, but it is also susceptible to highly changeable weather conditions as Chris Hartley and Dave Wentworth found out last week.

A rising wind made the outward leg really hard going and quick back, but it also brought with it a brief but heavy downpour that our duo had to endure.

We haven't seen the final result sheet yet, but Dave Wentworth proved more than up to battling the day with a time just over 23 minutes. Chris Hartley was off earlier in the field and got arguably stronger winds and finished in an excellent time somewhere just over 25 minutes.

Chris battles into the rising headwind

Dave tip toes round the soaking wet turn

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