Sunday 21 June 2015

The team battle at the Tour of Cambridgeshire

After many years of racing up and down the open roads of Britain, the opportunity to compete in a fully closed road time trial complete with start ramp proved a huge draw for a number of the team.

At the inaugural Tour of Cambridgeshire Team Salesengine had representatives in a number of the age categories.

The best result for the team went to Martin Jones, who seemed almost immune to the 25 mph wind to blast round the hilly course in 38:18 which was quick enough for 47th out of the 533 finishers and saw him qualify for the amateur world championships later in the year.
Martin Jones catching Steve Robinson from 3 minutes right on the line!
Next up for the team was Hugo Hocknell, who showed that after months of illness he is getting back to his rapid best with 41:14. Frustratingly Hugo missed the Worlds qualification by just one place.

An agonising 4 seconds back from Hugo was Steve Robinson, who enjoyed one of his strongest races of the year to finish with 41:18 and a clear aim of worlds qualification in 2016.
Steve Robinson leaving the Start ramp at the Tour of Cambridgeshire
Unlike Steve, Simon Doyle was having a slightly worse day than he was hoping for, which saw him slip behind Hugo and Steve for a change with his time of 42:21. After so many strong rides this year, it is just a blip, and will no doubt add fuel to the fire for faster rides later in the year.
Simon Doyle battling up the main climb of the Tour of Cambridgeshire
Next up was David Ledgerton who clocked a strong 47:35. As we often see with David, he races himself into form, and as the season is progressing his tomes are getting ever more competitive, so we know there is still more to come.

The final member of the team was Roy Robinson who was doing battle in the 65-70 age group and again showed promising progress with an excellent time of 51:19, a good 2 plus minutes quicker than expected, and a time inside not just many in his age group, but a lot of much younger riders as well. Good showing Roy.
Roy negotiates the very slippery first bend out of the arena

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