Sunday 3 April 2016

TSE on tour - today's post is brought you by the course codes F, E, C and K!

Several of the team clocked up some motorway miles over the last week or so as they spread their wings across the regions. Each time trial region in the UK is described by a letter, so this caused much consternation for the DS as we were planning our racing schedule.

TSE HQ working out which courses to ride in the next few months.

F is for 'Flipping hard even if it is shorter than it should be'
On Sunday 3rd April, 2016, David Ledgerton made his 2016 debut on the revised and foreshortened F12/30k, Icknield RC Hilly 13.8 mile course. David managed to record 39:49. We look forward to more to come from David as the season gets going.

C is for 'Cooking on gas for Whiskers'

Earlier in the day, in the Alford Wheelers 25 (based on the C25/10 course), Steve 'Whiskers' Franklin posted 1.05.07. The rolling course saw very few riders beat the hour. TSE alumnus Martin Jones (now with Team Bottrill) posted an impressive 57. Steve's time put him provisionally 2nd in his group and around 12th in the overall standings.

Steve Frankin - Alford Wheelers 25 2016
E is for 'eeeee, didn't he do well!'
On the preceding Saturday (2nd April), TSE fielded riders in two events. Roy Robinson took his winter form in to the Elite CC 10 on the rolling E91 course. The single carriageway course has a range of steady rises and drops. The cross-tailwind to the turn was complemented by an equally tough cross-headwind on the way back. Roy posted 29.33, which is a course PB by 74 seconds. 

K is for 'too be honest K is a hard one to make a funny-ish heading for'

In the afternoon, Dave Wentworth made his 2016 debut as first rider off in the VTTA Midlands K11/10T. He rode to a sub-25 minute, 24.55 in what was a tough old day. The headwind on the way back for the turn, which is the longer run by about a mile, made matters pretty tough for all competitors.

Dave was complemented on the start line by Sam Hayes, posting a 22.29 and Simon Doyle, recording 23.01. Both Doyle and Hayes were about one and half minutes down on their best times, thereby demonstrating how tough it was.

Steve Robinson must have run over a black cat, after smashing a mirror, whilst spilling salt as he sat under a ladder. He punctured in the first 100 metres. Hopefully this will be the nadir of Steve's season and it's onward and upwards as the N&DCA series kicks in.

Good Friday? Not bad at all actually

On the Good Friday, Simon Doyle was the sole TSE rider in the Welwyn Wheelers 50km Hilly. Despite facing some very strong local teams, Doyle rode in to the top 20 with a great time of 1.22.36.

Simon Doyle - Welwyn Wheelers Hilly 2016 (Davey Jones)

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