Sunday 5 June 2016

Race round up - May/June 2016

In case Andy Roffe has ridden and I have forgotten about it, he did really well, whatever it was he did. If he didn't ride, then I am sure he will smash it up next time out.

In other news, Hugo Hocknell smashes out a 55 and Chris Hartley dips under the hour. Some people ride in threes and Roy gets his didgeridoo primed for action. Rik Palmer also managed to eat a spoonful of Chicken Naga but he moaned about how hot it was so we won't be making a big deal of it.

So here goes.

On 29th May 2016 during the ECCA Championship event Hugo clocked 55.54. Hugo was in good company as Alex Dowsett (Movistar) took the national 25 record time with a stunning 44.29. Well done Alex! Hockers had already posted a 54.44 in the Welsh CA championship earlier in May. 25s seem to be Hocker's forte this year. Not to be out done, Chris also met his goals for the year with a 'long 59' (59.44) in the Shaftesbury CC event on the same course (04 June 2016).

In the Hitchin Nomads CC promoted F14/25 (28 May 2016), Nigel Hale (59.24) and James Gomm (1.03.54) took to the rolling Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire countryside.

Nigel Hale on the F14/25 going under the hour on a really hard roadman's course. Pic M Webb.
Earlier that day, four of Gomm and Hales' team mates participated in Rd1 of the Victoria CC 10.2 competition. David Ledgerton was the solo solo, recording a strong time of 26.19. In an inaugural outing as a trio, Simon Doyle, Sam Hayes and Steve Robinson rode the 3up team time trial part of the same event. The boys came in second by a margin of 20s. Chelmer CC took the win in the 3up but round 2 may see the boys go quicker.

And if that wasn't enough....
Roy Robinson at the ToC - pic David Ledgerton
Roy Robinson, David Ledgerton, Steve Franklin, Steve Robinson, James Gomm and Simon Doyle took part in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Chrono. The closed-road 17 miler was part of the world masters UCI qualification process. Roy may well be looking to get his sun lotion out as he is on the cusp of qualification and ready to go to Australia (for the World Champs). Like a good wine, Roy is improving with age. Results to follow.

A good day's racing on closed roads, in good company. Happy days.

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