Tuesday 28 March 2017

Team Salesengine.co.uk Open 10 Mile Time Trial - 1 April 2017

Team Salesengine.co.uk is proud to present, for and on behalf of, Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations Open 10 mile Time Trial on Saturday 1st April 2017.

Please see below information relating to the event. A link to the official startsheet is at the bottom of this page.

We have been able to secure an additional 30 places for the event, thanks to the London North District for allowing us to go to 150 from 120 riders. We are a small team but we are pleased to put something back in to the sport. Please remember that we are all volunteers and are hosting the event for your benefit.

Event information
Time of Start 14.00 Course: F2D/10 – Cambourne

All proceeds to will go to The Stroke Association.

Event Secretary: Steve Robinson, 17 Manor Way, Potton, Beds, SG19 2RH Tel: (Home): 01767 261804 (Mob): 07432 177854

HQ: The Hub Cambourne Community Centre High Street Cambourne CB23 6GW

Timekeepers: John Pick & Michael Bannister.

Under the new CTT Regulation 17(b) riders should note that for 2017 all competitors are now required personally to sign the signing out sheet when returning their number. All competitors will be required to return to the event HQ, hand in their number(s) and SIGN OUT. A competitor MUST sign out him/herself. It is not permissible for another person to sign out on behalf of the competitor. Failure to do will result in the competitor being recorded as DNF.

START (GR322603) on old A428 east of Cambourne flyover, about 350yds east of RAB (on north side of DC Flyover), at 12th drain east of double gates, entrance to Water Tower. Proceed westwards on old A428 to RAB where 1st exit onto A428 eastbound, about 1 mile after Hardwick flyover bear left onto A1303, signed Cambridge, pass over A428 to:- TURN (5.05 mls.) at Madingley RAB. Retrace on A428 westbound to leave A428 at Cambourne flyover. At top of slip road take 1st exit towards Cambourne to:- FINISH (GR318601) about 170yds after leaving A428 slip rd.; just past private lane, Crowdene, and 6yds past grey Cambourne sign and 30yds before (i.e north of) lamppost 35.

Special note – After reports of a few riders taking risks previously on this course, there will be a marshal placed at the top of the slip road before the finish. ANY riders pulling out in front of cars or riding dangerously will be reported to the District.

Parking We have a full field, so if you can’t get into the main hall car park you can also park in the Morrisons car park nearby.

If you are parking on roads around Cambourne, please take care not to block driveways or inconvenience residents.

Please also keep an eye on all belongings and equipment, the venue and roads around it will be busy so be vigilant in terms of theft.

Numbers Will be issued when signing on at the HQ. Please return them to the HQ to comply with CTT regulations. Free tea/coffee for riders on return.

Start Local Regulations 1 & 3 apply - No cars other than that of the timekeeper(s) and other event officials are to be parked in the vicinity of the start or finish points. Restrictions Please avoid warming up on the course when the event has started.

U-turns Within sight of the timekeepers may lead to disqualification

Safety and dangerous riding
In the interests of your own safety, CTT and the event promoters strongly advise that you wear a hard-shell helmet that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. In accordance with regulation 15 all junior riders must wear hard-shell helmets.

It is recommended that a working rear light (either flashing or constant) is fitted to the machine in a position visible to other road users and is active while the machine is in use.

Any riders seen riding dangerously will be reported to the Event Secretary and thence the District Secretary for further action. Keep your heads up and have a safe ride!

The race order is available from the CTT website - download startsheet(pdf)

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