Friday 23 March 2012

A5 rangers 10 - Quick rides and frozen riders

The problem with entering early season events is that it is always hard to know how many layers to go for, and Sunday proved particularly chilly for some of the team.

Team were led home by Hugo Hocknell with a 23:59, which hopefully scored him a decent placing but alas we can only speculate as no full results appear to have been published yet.

Next up was Chris Hartley who made the mistake of opting for just a skinsuit and then promptly froze for the 26 minutes 50 seconds he was on the course for. Just behind Chris was Dave Wentworth, who was just 'pottering round', as the cold air and his asthma don't mix well, so he played the long game and didn't go too deep. Still, his 27:30 was enough to keep Chris honest.

Arguably the ride of the day though must go to Stuart Hocknell who managed to get within 1 second of his 10 PB from the last three seasons with his time of 28:58. Fair to say that if he can do that in mid March on a cold day then it's looking extremely promising for a season of updating his CTT form on a regular basis! Congrats Stuart!!

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