Friday 9 March 2012

Hurrah - Stuart Hocknell gets our new season under way

Our winter hibernation has given us plenty of time to recuperate, eat and then skulk back onto the turbo trainers to burn off the extra winter pounds.

So as we hit March it was simply a question of who would blink first and get racing - and the winner is one of our new members for the year Stuart Hocknell as he tackled the Kettering CC hilly 20.

And Stuart's reward for venturing out so early? Biting cold temperatures, strong winds and constant lashing rain! Unduanted though, he braved all of the elements to get round the course in 1:08:47. This was about 30 seconds slower than last year, but given the torrid conditions I'd say this shows promise for a successful season.

Next up for Stuart is the Bourne Hardriders (he's clearly not one for an easy life!), so let's hope he gets a better day for it.

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