Tuesday 7 April 2015

Easter Wrap and N&DCA 2015 Round 1 Preview

To wrap the Easter activities up Christ Hartley competed on the F11/10 course in Hertfordshire to tap out a time of 24.46. The newly chipped road surface on the course was not deemed favourable, let's hope the road surface beds down as this is one of the quicker courses in the region.

Looming large on Saturday 11 April, 2015 is the Northampton and District Cycling Association's (N&DCA) Round 1 time trial. Based on a circuit around Middleton in Northants, riders will face 18.7 miles of technical "sporting course" riding. With TSE taking up 10% of the assembled field the team will be optimistic in terms of bagging points against the Association's other clubs in the 10 race series.

Martin Jones and Hugo Hocknell take the first two seeded places (#10 and #20 respectively), Chris Rimes, Andy Roffe and Sam Hayes take "5" places. Stuart Hocknell, Simon Doyle, Steve Robinson and rookie Steve Franklin make up the rest of the squad.

I don't know what this line up means to our competition but it certainly scares the hell out of me.

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