Saturday 29 August 2015

Chris Hartley matches his lifetime best in Hull

Hull may seem like a long way to drive to spend a little over 20 minutes on a bike, but when it is a chance to visit probably the fastest course in the country (the fabled V718) it is definitely worth the effort.

The downside to the Hull course is that it is frequently very windy, and that was the conditions that faced Chris Hartley when he arrived up North.  The less than ideal conditions, and a season that has been disrupted by illness, would make you think that a quick ride wasn't on the cards, but Chris was having none of it.

He smashed round the course in 23:05 to match his best ever ten mile performance to the second. So congratulations Chris, and based on that ride it shows that a strong winter, and an illness free early season, will see you well into the 22's in 2016!

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