Sunday 13 September 2015

VTTA 10 TT Report

The VTTA 10 mile time trial saw four riders on the startsheet for the Six Mile Bottom-Four Wentways event, 12 September 2014.

The E2/10 course is a classic 'out and back' affair with riders pacing themselves southwards on the A11 before retracing to Six Mile Bottom. With Dave Wentworth a DNS it was down to Hugo Hocknell, Chris Hartley and Simon Doyle to see what they could muster.

Hugo was off #1 and posted a time of 23m 18s. Conditions were not great. On what is one of the fastest courses in the UK, the wind decided to kick riders in the teeth on the way out. The race therefore becoming a damage limitation exercise. Limiting losses on the way out was key in terms of keeping the average speed up. The push on the way back was considerable with averages being nearly 10mph higher than in the first five miles.

Chris Hartley tapped out a perfect 24mph average speed to come home with a time of 25 minutes dead. Doyle was off later in the field (#82) and following a 6 week time trial hiatus almost drew level with Hugo, a time of 23m 20s was a fair return. A winning time in the 21 minute range was mooted. Results pending.

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